water column basics Bass Fishing Classes

Learn the basics of fishing the three depth zones: top, middle, and bottom with our introductory class. This course delves into the fundamental strategies and techniques essential for mastering bass fishing across all water depths. In this class, novice anglers will gain invaluable insights into the diverse habitats bass inhabit within a waterbody and how to effectively target them at different depths. Understanding the behavior and feeding patterns of bass in relation to these depth zones is crucial for success on the water. Gluszek meticulously covers the intricacies of selecting the right baits and employing proven techniques tailored to each depth zone. From topwater lures enticing strikes from aggressively feeding bass near the surface to mid-range presentations that appeal to bass suspended in the water column, and finally to bottom-based techniques designed to entice reluctant or bottom-dwelling bass, Bass University students will learn a diverse array of tactics to suit any fishing scenario.

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