Crankbait fishing is one of the most popular techniques for anglers of any skill level. During the early spring and fall months, shallow cranking can really help you find and put more fish in the boat. Few anglers excel at shallow cranking more than John Crews. In this seminar, Crews dives into the finer details of this popular technique to give you the insight you need to catch more fish on your next trip. 

  • 3:00 Why Use Shallow Crankbaits
  • 5:20 What Is A Crankbait?
  • 7:50 Picking The Right Equipment
  • 22:20 Round-Bend vs. EWG Hooks
  • 28:50 The Best Places To Shallow Crank
  • 34:00 Cranking In Clear Water
  • 36:00 When To Throw Shallow Crankbaits
  • 38:00 Cranking With The Wind
  • 40:00 Hitting All Angles With Crankbaits

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