In this episode of BU Vault, Jeff has fished up some juicy on the water swim jig tips with Mike and Pete. Learn about swim jig fishing, where it originated, great places and times to fish it, the tackle you'll need, selecting the right swim jig and customizing it out of the pack. 

  • 0:57 What is a swim jig? How does it differ from a regular jig? Why fish a swim jig?
  • 2:19 Places for swim jig fishing and why/where the technique was developed
  • 4:11 The swim jig is a great follow-up bait
  • 4:44 Fishing a swim jig for suspended fish
  • 5:33 Customizing the bait with the right weight, trailer, skirt and colors
  • 7:15 How do you retrieve a swim jig?
  • 8:53 Equipment for fishing a swim jig: rod, reel, line and line tie on the jig
  • 12:46 Rigging a swim jig and prepping a bait that's right out of the pack

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