Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion Tyler Rivet joins Bass University in this seminar titled “Southern Style Livescope Techniques”.

Tyler breaks down how he got into and learned forward-facing sonar, and how it has helped him but also hurt him in his career. Tyler breaks down different patterns with Livescope and how to be effective. Tyler's southern livescope techniques include a one-two punch with a jerkbait and a wacky rig, he talks about his setups for both applications. Rivet goes through his livescope settings on his unit and other preferences with this new technology that has helped him have a clear picture and catch more bass. 

If you are trying to learn how to become more efficient with Forward Facing Sonar this is a must-watch seminar from Bassmaster Elite Champion Tyler Rivet as he breaks down his Southern approach with FFS and shares his secrets to his settings on his Garmin units. 

Tyler Rivet's Southern LiveScope Class Chapters

  • 0:33: Tyler Rivet: The Beginning
  • 5:00: Patterns
  • 10:45: The Approach
  • 14:05: Setups
  • 18:03: Jerkbait and Wacky Rig
  • 21:53: Livescope Settings
  • 37:40: Southern LiveScope Questions & Answers

Tyler Rivet's LiveScope Bass Fishing Class Summary

  • Tyler Rivet, a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion, shares his expertise in this new seminar, “Southern Style LiveScope Techniques” with Bass University.
  • Rivet discusses his journey into learning forward-facing sonar (FFS) and how it has impacted his career, both positively and negatively.
  • He breaks down various patterns and techniques for using Livescope effectively, including two key baits, a jerkbait and a wacky rig.
  • Rivet provides insights into his setups for both applications and shares his LiveScope settings and preferences on his Garmin units.
  • This seminar is essential for anyone looking to improve their efficiency with FFS, offering valuable tips and secrets from Tyler Rivet's experience.


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