"The Dean" Pete Gluszek says, "Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face". Most guys want to stay home and work on tackle or park it in front of the TV when the rain clouds come rollin' in, but not Pete Gluszek, he knows the fish will be biting. If you were catching them when the sun was out and the water was clear, you may have to make adjustments, but, in most cases, the strike zone will open up and the bass will usually be more willing to bite. There are some exceptions, which Pete discusses in this bass fishing class video seminar.

  • 0:28 Pete Gluszek is talking about how much he loves fishing in the rain
  • 1:05 Pros and cons of bass fishing in the rain
  • 4:21 Making changes based on rain intensity
  • 5:59 Selecting lures for fishing in rainy conditions
  • 8:40 Bottom fishing baits for when the rains come
  • 13:07 Making it easier to make adjustments on the fly
  • 15:27 Clothing and other tools you will need to fish in the rain
  • 17:52 Seasonal considerations when the rain is coming
  • 36:44 Using a split ring with a snap
  • 39:49 Tracking the bait in the winter rain
  • 43:30 Determining if the mud is only on the top of the water
  • 45:00 Retrieve speed, color and vibration
  • 47:16 Spinnerbait configuration for rainy conditions
  • 50:40 Fishing a mudline
  • 52:42 Protecting your equipment from the rain and moisture

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