Bass University presents a special seminar by Mike Iaconelli, the Bassmaster Classic Champion, Angler of the Year, and Elite Series Champion. In this seminar, he will be discussing how to dissect standing timber.

Standing timber holds a special place in Ike's heart as he has caught his biggest bass ever in competition out of standing timber, and it helped him kickstart his career in the south on standing timber lakes.

Mike delves into the details of every type of tree, angles of trees, bottom composition, and much more. This seminar is very detailed and will help you gain confidence in attacking trees and standing timber. Ike also explains why wood is such a great home for bass as it attracts all levels of fish on the food chain like algae, baitfish, and bass.

Ike also shares his favorite baits for fishing wood and standing timber, and how to attack all three zones. This seminar is a must-watch for anyone who wants to gain confidence in fishing around wood and standing timber.

Mike Iaconelli Standing Timber & Stump Fields Class Chapters

  • 0:17: Ike Introduction 
  • 5:52: Types of Trees
  • 9:10: Angle of Trees 
  • 13:58: Base of the Trees
  • 16:20: Bottom Composition 
  • 19:00: Water Clarity 
  • 20:21: Bottom Contour (Structure)
  • 25:35: Why Bass use Standing Timber 
  • 30:25: Bass Ladders
  • 33:13: Suspending Bass 
  • 35:43: Bait Spawn 
  • 39:50: Zones and Key Baits 
  • 47:13: Q&A

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