Pete Gluszek is on the water to talk about the importance of high quality polarized sunglasses. Whether you're looking for spawning fish in the spring, or any other time of year that we want to see the habitat in the shallows, or identifying bass chasing your bait, you need good polarized sunglasses. Pete talks about the color lenses he uses and overcast situations and what color he prefers on bright sunshiney days. Pete talks about what he's looking for as he cruises around the shallow water with his glasses. Most importantly, since many of us spend a lot of time on the water, these glasses will help protect your eye from the sun's harmful rays. Check out Pete's Popticals folding transformer-style eyewear.

Want to learn more about Popticals? Check out FLW Forrest Wood Cup Champion bass fishing tournament angler's iCast 2017 discussion about Popticals. Want to learn more about using your sunglasses to catch spawning bass? Check out a popular class on spawning bass.

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