Professional angler JT Kenney joins Bass University on a fishing adventure in sunny Florida to teach you the art of using a very popular lure in Flordia, the prop bait. JT will help improve your bass-catching skills with this unique lure, and, of course, he does it in his signature fun and entertaining style.

JT's got some secret tricks up his sleeve for making his prop baits more efficient for a long day on the water. He'll walk you through the gear he uses, like his rod, reel, and fishing line, to make sure you have the best chance of keeping those bass pinned.

You'll also get the lowdown on how to break down a grassy area with a prop bait. JT will stress the importance of fishing the prop bait slowly and being methodical, especially when you're surrounded by heavy cover. He'll even spill some insights on how to tell when a fish is lurking right below your bait, helping you decide when to give that prop bait some extra wiggle.

For all the inside tips and more about prop baits, come learn from the seasoned angler, JT Kenney, out on the water with The Bass University. It's a fishing lesson you won't want to miss!

Florida Topwater Prop Baits Chapters

  • 1:40: Prop Bait Efficiency 
  • 5:48: Prop Bait Bass Fishing Setup
  • 10:13: Keys to Prop Bait Fishing
  • 13:00: How to Fish a Prop Bait
  • 14:40: Fishing a Prop Bait Around Grass

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