Rip rap is traditionally what people call rocks, cynderblocks, chunks of concrete or any sort of stone-like material that's used to stop erosion around shorelines, bridge pilings, etc. They are also great habitat for bass! In this on the water bass fishing class video, Pete Gluszek will share tips for locating prime bass habitat. Not all rip rap is the same, there are more productive areas at different times of the year. Weather conditions & depth will also affect what baits and techniques you fish to catch bass.

  • 0:20 Introduction to rip rap bass fishing (aka riprap, rip-rap, shot rock, rubble or simply "rocks") and what it's used for
  • 1:05 Why are we, as bass anglers, interested in fishing rip rap?
  • 1:30 What you're looking for in rip rap during different times of year
  • 2:33 Using electronics and making observation to identify key fishing areas (finding the best places to fish on a stretch of rip rap and finding targets)
  • 8:08 Pete Gluszek's tools for fishing rip rap, like: crankbaits, jigs and more
  • 11:52 Picking apart a rip rap area with a dock
  • 14:50 Using a crankbait as a search bait down stretches of rip rap bank
  • 20:58 Getting your crankbait unstuck from the rocks
  • 21:30 Bass on rip rap when water levels change
  • 23:00 How to catch a stump when bass fishing
  • 24:05 Switching up to a squarebill crankbait
  • 25:49 Fishing a rocky point
  • 26:31 Taking weather conditions into account when fishing rocky areas
  • 28:24 Why fish a shakey head? What do the fish think it is? How do I fish it for different species?
  • 33:04 Isolated cover

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