In this beginner-friendly lesson from Bass University, Pete Gluszek, known as the "Dean" of Bass University, shares some simple fishing advice that can benefit anglers of all experience levels.

The basics class begins to cover the complexity of rod and reel selection, highlighting the versatility of spinning rods. Pete also suggests a specific baitcasting setup with a cursory discussion of gear ratios and line selection.  Pete covers two important rod and reel combinations that he believed every fisherman should have. These suggested setups are flexible and effective for various fishing techniques. Pete explains how to choose the right fishing line, reel sizes, and other crucial details in this Bass University lesson.

Whether you're new to fishing and want to learn the basics quickly or you're helping friends and family who are just starting out with bass fishing, Bass University Basics is an excellent resource to begin with.

Bass University Basics for Beginners Two Must-Have Combos Chapters

  • 2:45: Spinning Rod & Reel Combo
  • 11:00: Baitcasting Rod & Reel Combo
  • 17:40: Final Thoughts

Rod & Reel Combos for Beginners Class Summary

  • Adaptability and versatility of a spinning rod & reel combo
  • Expanding your arsenal with baitcasting tackle
  • Guidance for selecting fishing line, reel sizes, gear ratios and more

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