Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler and 2017 Bassmaster Northern Open Champion Ott Defoe returns to The Bass University to for another informative seminar on fishing a jig. Professional bass anglers are constantly asked, "If you only had one lure to fish, what would it be?", and most anglers would say, "a jig". The reason why is because it's a versatile bait. With different colors, head shapes, retrieves & sizes a jig can catch bass in almost any body of water in the country. As Ott himself attests, he weighed a fish on a jig in every tournament but one or two in 2017.

Main Jig Fishing Topics in this Class

What You Will Learn About Jig Fishing for Bass in this Video

  • Why fishing a jig is a good choice all the time
  • Different types of jigs: casting, flipping, finesse, etc., their characteristics and when/where to fish them. Ott shares the he primarily fishes the Terminator Pro Series Jigs
  • Different trailer types, what they imitate and when/where/how Ott Defoe likes to use them in different situations and on different jigs
  • Tips for beginners on skipping jigs
  • How Ott Defoe handles selecting from the myriad of colors available among jigs on the market
  • How to select the right size/weight of jig to fish
  • When to fish the punch skirt because it's more efficient than fishing a jig
  • Where to fish a jig: grass, rocks, docks, etc.
  • Different approaches for working and retrieving a jig in muddy and clear water
  • Ott Defoe also shares the equipment: rod, reel & line he uses for fishing different types of jigs for bass
  • Ott Defoe answers student questions about fishing jigs

There are lots of tips that will improve jig fishing success, even for pros, but this seminar is also a great introduction and overview for learning to fish jigs, which will be a great help for beginners. If you want to learn more about fishing for bass with a jig, we've got more awesome seminars from top-level professional anglers, regardless of your skill level.

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