The chatterbait (or bladed jig) isn't just a chunk'n'wind lure. When fished correctly, it can catch fish like a jig, squarebill and spinnerbait all in one lure. It sounds like an informercial, but it really has proven it's worth in the tournament bass fishing arena. One angler who originally dismissed the bait was Mike Iaconelli. As other anglers started winning big money, he picked it up and saw the fish-catching ability and versatility of this lure. It provides the vibration of a spinnerbait or squarebill, the deflection of a squarebill and enticing skirt flaring action of a spinnerbait or jig. In this bass fishing class seminar, Mike Iaconelli breaks down 5 different ways to fish a chatterbait and when he uses each. Then Ike shares some tips on things to always do, no matter how you fish the chatterbait, to generate more strikes.

  • 0:20 A mental exercise - visualize success
  • 3:29 Vibrating jigs - what is it? Why is it so versatile?
  • 9:04 Conditions for throwing a bladed jig
  • 13:26 Five ways to fish a chatterbait
    • 14:43 The easiest retrieve for active feeders
    • 18:07 Best retrieve for clear water & schooling bass
    • 25:18 Retrieve for dirty or cold water
    • 38:26 Ledge fishing with a chatterbait
    • 47:59 Feathering a chatterbait or bladed jig
  • 57:53 Three things to ALWAYS do with a chatterbait
  • 1:01:28 Selecting trailers for bladed jigs
  • 1:09:36 Equipment for Chatterbait bass fishing

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