Fall fishing is often viewed as one of the most frustrating times of year to target bass. Lakes are turning over, baitfish are balling up, and bass are on the move. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch them, though. In this seminar, Bryan Thrift lets you in on his favorite techniques for targeting bass throughout the fall including topwaters, jigs, and search baits. Even popular wintertime techniques – such as blade baits and underspins – can help you catch more fish.

  • 1:00 Understanding The Fall Bite
  • 3:20 Using Blade Baits
  • 13:20 Underspins
  • 20:35 Spinnerbaits
  • 28:15 Finessee Football Jigs
  • 34:40 Searching With Topwaters
  • 52:40 Picking The Right Line Tie On Blade Baits
  • 55:50 Changing Blade Bait Hooks
  • 58:30 Picking Underspin Baits
  • 59:50 Feathered Treble Hooks On Walking Baits

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