Bass tournament angler Chris Zaldain loves finesse fishing. One of the reasons is that it catches all kinds of bass, all species (including the commonly saught-after largemouth, smallmouth and spotted varieties) as well as all sizes. Chris shows a photo of a 12lb. largemouth he caught in California with a dropshot to prove his point. Finesse baits look so natural that often reluctant fish can still be coaxed into biting them.

Use These Shortcuts to Main Finesse Fishing Topics in this Seminar:

  • 0:35 - Characteristics of finesse fishing
  • 2:20 - Definition of finesse
  • 3:00 - Why consider finesse fishing?
  • 5:15 - Types of pressure
  • 7:55 - Components of finesse fishing
  • 9:20 - Line sizes
  • 12:45 - Finesse swimbait
    • 14:45 - Ballhead vs. realhead
    • 16:50 - Perpendicular tail
    • 18:10 - Boot tail
  • 22:55 - Neko rig
    • 26:15 - Which worm for the Neko rig?
  • 41:10 - Dropshot
    • 44:40 - Hooks for dropshotting
    • 45:40 - Dropshot weight style
    • 48:55 - Nosehook vs wacky
    • 50:20 - Alternative dropshotting
    • 56:15 - Dropshot hookset

What You'll Learn in This Finesse Bass Fishing Video

  • Why is line size important?
  • What are the 2 types of pressure that fish experience that make finesse fishing a great way to get bites?
  • How do I increase my fishing rod sensitivity?
  • What is the latest trend in finesse fishing line?
  • Chris Zaldain's top 3 finesse fishing techniques, including a secret tip for fishing the Megabass Spark Shad Swimbait
  • Ballhead or "real" head for your jighead when rigging swimbaits?
  • What is a nail-weighted wacky rig or Neko rig, and why does it work so well?
  • Looking for a money-saving o-ring tip for Neko rigs? Lower cost to o-ring, save tungsten weights and worms!
  • Alternative to fishing a dropshot rig vertically

If you're interested in catching bass when conditions are tough, or fishing pressure is high, you'll want to learn these finesse fishing techniques. These techniques, tips and secrets are great for fishing behind other anglers (like fishing as a tournament co-angler), or after barometric pressure changes.

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