Chris Lane, Bassmaster Classic Champion and BASS Elite Series angler, joins The Bass University to talk about equipment preparation. In general, things you can control. You can't control the weather, or the mood of the fish, but you can be prepared for those situations with the right rods, reels, line, etc. In this 43-minute bass fishing instructional seminar video, Chris Lane talks about:

  • selecting a rod - why different lengths and actions? How do I cast further? What action do I need to fish topwater lures?
  • choosing a reel - what are the different gear ratios on reels for? How does the fullness of the reel, along with the gear ratio effect the pickup on the line?
  • fishing line types - Lane does a quick break down of the three primary types of line that he uses: flurocarbon, monofilament and braid. He also talks about his favorite braid to fluorocarbon knot, and the pound test he prefers.
  • hooks - Chris Lane discusses what he likes and his decision making in selecting hooks (does having a red hook matter?)

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