Chris Zaldain is talking about getting the bigger bass bite and winning tournaments. A lot of folks go out and catch limits of decent sized spotted bass, and finish at the back of a tournament pack. If you're ready to take your game to the next level, Chris recommends throwing big baits. You'll be surprised how many 3lb. bass will eat a big bait. This is a seminar about using a swimbait to catch kicker fish. Kicker fish are the kind of bass you need to win tournaments, that 6lb. bass that's separating you from "a limit" and "a winning limit". These big baits can not only elicit bites from big fish, but their different profile can attract bass that are used to seeing the same baits, and draw bass from a distance.

Main Topics in this Swimbait Fishing Class

  • 1:45 Mental approach to fishing bigger baits
  • 6:00 Why go big?
  • 11:00 3 Types of big swimbaits
  • 15:10 Choosing a swimbait
  • 15:45 The gear you will need for fishing these baits
  • 21:40 Hatch, match, catch
  • 23:35 Optimal big swimbait fishing conditions 
  • 27:15 Where to throw it
  • 38:45 The most important thing when fishing a swimbait 

In this video, Zaldain will discuss 3 types of swimbaits:

  • Line-Through Swimbaits - like the Megabass Spark Shad Swimbaits
  • Full-Bodied Swimbaits - like the Megabass Magdraft Swimbait
  • Glide Baits - like the I Slide 262T Glide Bait

Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass angler Chris Zaldain will help you decide how to choose the right swimbait, the right movement and the right color/pattern. He shares some secrets about what factors will generate more bites. He also talks about selecting the right equipment. You can catch some bass with the wrong equipment, but using the right equipment will help catch more fish and reduce fatigue after a long day of fishing big/heavy lures like these. 

When To Fish a Swimbait

Zaldain talks about the optimal conditions for fishing a swimbait. What is the right temperature? Sunny or cloudy? Windy or calm? Water clarity? Chris talks about the answers to these questions and more.

Where to Fish Swimbaits

Chris breaks down, in detail where you want to be putting your swimbait to get bit. He talks about the structure you want to target using your maps/gps, and the cover you want to target. 

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