In the Spring of 2020, we started publishing our new series called the BUcket List, where we visit top bass fishing destinations with professional tournament anglers and talk with local guides. In this bonus footage, program director Justin Kimmel and "The Dean" Pete Gluszek are out on Chickamauga taking in a day of fishing to check off their own bucket lists. Wesley Strader also stops by to share some tips for aspiring anglers.

  • 0:18 Pete talks about spawners on the riprap
  • 1:15 Pete calls the shot and Justin lands a bass as they welcome you to the BUcket List Lake Chickamauga bonus footage
  • 3:51 Wesley Strader gives an aspiring bass fisherman the best advice he can give to be the best angler you can be
  • 5:58 Consistency is more important than things like secret baits, hidden spots, etc.
  • 7:46 Take the most conservative approach when getting into shallow backwater areas
  • 8:39 Pete talks about ideal spawning areas and how to fish them
  • 13:39 Pete and Justin talk about the purpose of The Bass University and the production work from 2019
  • 28:20 Pete shares some tips for fishing swimbaits
  • 30:36 Some Lake Chickamauga fish catches with Justin Kimmel

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