Every day, James Watson, BASS and FLW professional tournament angler, strives to be a better angler. He is known, in part, for his tournament success with the topwater phenomenon the River2Sea Whopper Plopper. He is constantly learning and in this 50-minute topwater bass fishing instructional video, he wants to share that knowledge with you. In this video, James answer some of the common questions about topwater bass fishing:

  • What's the right temperature in the spring to start throwing topwater lures?
  • Which baits should I throw in dirty/dingy water? What about when the water begins to clear?
  • Where should I target bass with my topwater lures?
  • What's the difference between a "frog" and a "toad"?
  • When and where is the Smithwick Devil's Horse a super-deadly bait?
  • What line or leaders do you use for each lure?
  • What cover should I target for each season?
  • What topwater lures should I throw Spring through Spawn? Postspawn through summer? Summer through fall?

This video is full of topwater secrets, tips and techniques for anglers of any skill level. Beginners will particularly benefit from Watson's suggestions on tackle & breakdown of seasonal baits. Advanced and tournament anglers will learn from the host of tips James offers. The types of tips that come from years of experience fishing topwater lures, the type of tips that can help you land that 1 additional fish, or kicker fish you need to complete a day of fishing, or win a tournament!

If you want to learn more secrets from James Watson, be sure to watch Jig & Spoon Fishing Docks All Year with James Watson. If you're interested in learning more about fishing topwater lures, we suggest these videos: Master Topwater Bass FishingTopwater Bass Fishing Tactics & Top Topwater Tactics

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