For many bass anglers, the spinnerbait took a back seat to the chatterbait for the last decade. For many who still throw spinnerbaits, it's still the traditional white/chartreuse setup with a combination of shiny willow and/or colorado blades. JT Kenney is here to crush that misconception. Firstly, the spinnerbait still catches fish, and since lots of guys have put it away, the fish haven't seen it as much. Additionally, why does white/charteuse have to be the best color? Why can't the blades be painted? JT Kenney talks about these topics as well as: spinnerbaits & blade combinations for different water conditions, sneaky spinnerbait colors, customizing spinnerbaits, trailer hooks, spinnerbait wires and more! 

  • 0:23 Ya'll musta forgot!
  • 2:43 Spinnerbait fishing variables
  • 4:33 Basic spinnerbait setups & blade combinations
  • 7:36 What JT Kenney carries in his boat
  • 9:04 Cold water spinnerbait variations
  • 11:16 As the water warms - imparting the right action
  • 17:13 Dark spinnerbaits aren't just for night fishing
  • 24:35 Deep water spinnerbait bass fishing
  • 35:16 Shallow spinnerbait bass fishing
  • 43:57 Modifying spinnerbaits
  • 54:19 Does JT Kenney use a trailer hook on spinnerbaits?
  • 55:49 Not losing big bass on deep spinnerbaits
  • 59:51 Spinnerbait colors & blade combinations
  • 1:02:59 Wire gauge selection for spinnerbaits

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