JT Kenney's $250k Spinnerbait Secret

One of the main things that Jimmy Houston has taught us over the years is that spinnerbaits catch fish. JT Kenney is down in the Southeast US to share some of the things he's learned about how to fish a spinnerbaits, particularly in tannic water. Tannic water is tea-colored water that is the result of leaves and other vegetation decaying. Chartreuse and white with a silver and gold blade is, without a doubt the most popular color combination of any tackle store across the country, but when you're fishing tannic water, it may not be the best color spinnerbait to throw. In this on the water class, JT Kenney talks about the color that won his over 1/4 of a million dollars in tournament checks. JT also talks about the equipment he uses for throwing his Nichols Pulsator Spinnerbait.

  • Learn what line type (mono, flurocarbon or braid) that JT uses to fish a spinnerbait as well as his preferred pound test
  • What type of rod and what length rod he uses and his considerations for rod selection (casting distance, controlling the fish, casting open water or targets)
  • Fishing reel gear ratio for spinnerbait fishing and what he generally considers to be too fast

JT Kenney goes on to explain customizing the spinnerbait for retrieve speed, lift and desired depth. Finally, JT goes on to share how de discovered that this color was good for fishing tannic water, and why he believes it works.

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