Pete Gluszek, a renowned figure in the realm of professional fishing and commonly referred to as "The Dean" of The Bass University, expertly dissects the art of fishing around overhanging trees.

Delving into the subject, Pete elucidates the merits of targeting overhanging trees as prime fishing locations, underlining their effectiveness as shelters for bass. He guides the audience on how to approach such cover, tailoring tactics based on the specific time of year.

Furthermore, Pete astutely differentiates between living and deceased trees, breaking down the distinct types of cover they offer. In his discourse, he immerses himself into the realm of recommended baits for skillfully skipping and flipping around trees. He emphasizes the pivotal notion that securing the initial bite takes precedence, with techniques for extricating the fish from cover coming as a subsequent concern.

Pete also alludes to a noteworthy Bass University Seminar featuring Dean Rojas, which delves into the technique of frog fishing around trees. The seminar can be viewed at this link:

Enrich your understanding of fishing strategies by watching this Bass University seminar led by Pete Gluszek, "The Dean," where he offers comprehensive insights into comprehending and conquering the challenges of fishing around overhanging trees.

Overhanding Trees Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 1:30: Ambush Opportunities
  • 3:20: Seasonal Patterns
  • 9:40: Alive vs Dead Trees
  • 11:25: Attacking Trees
  • 12:45: Key Baits
  • 16:30: Landing Fish in Heavy Cover

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