Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour rookie and $3m FLW winner Bryan Thrift joined The Bass University in Kokomo, IN in the winter of 2020. Previously, Bryan conducted a seminar on Skipping Baits. In this video, Thrift wants to share some other tricks for fishing a jig.

  • 0:23 Versatility of a jig
  • 0:47 3 Types of jigs that Bryan Thrift fishes most frequently
    • 1:03 Arkie-style jig and ways to modify it and where to fish it
    • 3:44 Swim jigs tips
    • 5:04 Football jigs and where to fish it
  • 5:27 Jig fishing color selection
  • 7:17 Jig skirts, skirt materials and trimming a skirt
  • 20:02 Bryan Thrift's shakey head jig
  • 21:59 Compact jig considerations
  • 25:45 Jig rattles, what Bryan uses and when he uses them
  • 38:00 Goby jig trick for smallmouth and spotted bass
  • 41:00 Lead vs tungsten jig heads
  • 44:28 Big flipping jigs modifications
  • 49:00 Question and answer with Bryan Thrift on jig fishing tricks

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