Flukes – or soft jerkbaits – are often forgotten about by most anglers. However, these baitfish imitators are one of the most versatile options for any angler. Not many lures offer you the opportunity to fish the entire water column. In this seminar, Mike Iaconelli reveals his setups for fishing flukes just under the surface, for suspending fish, and for hopping it off the bottom. Iaconelli goes on the water to show just how he fishes each style, and to explain the best gear for each one. 

  • 2:20 What Is A Fluke?
  • 4:25 Keep Colors Simple
  • 6:40 Understanding Water Clarity
  • 8:20 Versatility Of Flukes
  • 13:10 Rigging A Fluke
  • 25:00 When to Texas Rig A Fluke
  • 27:00 Targeting Suspending Fish
  • 37:15 Using A Jig Head
  • 46:15 How To Fish A Weightless Fluke
  • 58:20 Fishing A Weighted Fluke
  • 1:08:45 Best Way To Fish Flukes On The Bottom

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