Why does BASS tournament champion Justin Lucas love sight fishing for spawning bass? Justin talks about how he loves to target spawning bass for big tournament bags, partcularly in the early spring, and how this is a great time to win, particularly local 1-day tournament. He discusses the conditions to look for to determine if bass are spawning. He talks about his approach to practicing and marking fish for the highest chance of tournament-day success.

Main Topics in this Spawning Bass Fishing Class

  • 4:40 Why I like sight fishing
  • 5:00 How to find sight fish
  • 16:05 Tools for sight fishing
  • 19:25 Approaching sight fish
  • 27:20 Sight fishing baits
  • 37:00 Rods
  • 39:00 Reels
  • 40:35 Fishing line
  • 41:15 Catching spawners you can't see in dirty water
  • 44:15 Baits & line for dirty water
  • 49:15 Catching spawners you cant see in clearer water

Do you have a hard time finding spawning bass on beds?

Justin talks about where to look for bass on the bed, and where you can expect to find them throughout the spawn season on different parts of the lake. He shows a lake map and points out areas that will attract bedding fish.

What tools do I need to sight fish?

Besides a good pair of polarized sunglasses, like the Costa Del Mar Corbina Sunglasses or Popticals PopGear Sunglasses, Lucas also talks about the other tools you may need for a successful day or tournament out sight fishing. Some of these items are almost standard on bass boats now, but some of these tools are easily overlooked.

How do I catch the bass off the bed?

Justin Lucas starts with tips for approaching and fishing the bed. He shares a laundy list of items to ensure you are successful when approaching a bed. Justin cautions about how well bass can see, so be aware of spooking big bass on the bed. He goes on to talk about some of his favorite baits Berkley Soft Plastic Baits to pitch to bass on the bed and how he uses them. Learn what baits he doesn't want to catch them on, and why he still throws those baits. Also learn the best rods, reels and line choices. 

How do I catch spawning bass you can't see?

You don't always have to see the fish or bed to be successful when bed fishing for bass. Learn what to look for, and how to eliminate lots of water. Find out how Justin's approach to fishing dirty water differs from clear water. Learn some great baits to use, in dirty shallow water spawning situations, and deep clear water situations (where you may be able to see the nest, but cannot see the fish).

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