By his estimation, Justin Lucas has won between 25% - 33% of his tournament bass fishing money fishing a wacky rig. In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, Justin Lucas shares his favorite 3 ways to wacky rig a soft plastic worm or stick bait. He breaks down the tackle he uses (rod, reel, line, leader line, weights and hooks) as well as his favorite baits, sizes and colors of baits to fish for bass. The wacky rig is a great rig for all species of bass: largemouth, spotted and smallmouth.

  • 0:47 Justin Lucas and his move from Clear Lake to Guntersville
  • 1:38 Wacky rigging is a deadly technique that you need to know because it wins money in bass fishing tournaments
  • 2:37 What is a wacky rig?
  • 3:59 Why throw a wacky rig?
  • 7:20 Nail-weighted wacky rig (neko rig)
  • 16:54 Ideal conditions, when and where to fish the Neko rig
  • 23:29 Berkley Powerbait Bottom Hopper Worm colors
  • 33:54 Wacky dropshot rig. When and where to fish a wacky dropshot
  • 37:53 Weightless wacky rigging
  • 43:08 Tackle & gear for fishing a wacky rig

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