There are few places where 8" swimbaits will play consistently for bass fishing tournaments. If you're not in one of those places (places that take 30lb bags to win), you'll probably experience more tournament success with what Justin Lucas refers to as "tournament-sizes swimbaits", primarily 2.8" to 5.5" swimbaits in various body styles. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, Justin Lucas shares his favorite 3 styles of swimbaits, the sizes he fishes of each type, the tackle he uses and where he fishes each type of swimbait.

  • 0:36 Targeting swimbait sizes/styles that catch numbers not just a couple of big bass
  • 1:48 What are tournament-sized swimbaits?
  • 4:56 Swimbait body styles
    • 7:32 Hollow belly swimbaits - When to throw them, where to fish them, depth to fish them & jighead sizes
    • 19:07 Tackle for hollow belly swimbaits
    • 25:32 Small solid swimbaits - Where to fish them & the tackle for fishing them
    • 32:28 Bigger Solid Swimbaits - How to rig them, where to fish them & tackle for fishing bigger solid swimbaits
    • 38:21 Line-through swimbaits - When to fish it, where to fish it, colors & why fish it over other types of swimbaits

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