Bass tournament angler Seth Feider is successful at catching smallmouth bass, proven by his monster 76lb 3-day tournament-winning weight at smallmouth bass paradise, Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. The reason he was able to fish that event was because he qualified for the angler of the year tournament by crushing river smallmouth on the Mississippi River.  In this 49-minute bass fishing instructional video, Seth Feider will share some of his smallmouth bass river fishing secrets to help you put more fish in the boat.

Seth answer the following questions about smallmouth bass in river systems:

  • How does current effect smallmouth bass?
  • What depth zones should I target?
  • What tools do I use to locate bass in river systems?
  • What baits and colors should I be fishing? (Storm Rattlin Chug Bug & Rapala Shadow Rap)
  • Should I be finesse fishing for smallmouth bass in a river system?
  • What structure should I target when fishing the river?
  • Which wing dams should I target and when?

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