Mike Iaconelli 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge - November 2018

Mike Iaconelli 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge - November 2018


Mike Iaconelli has been challenged to go out in early winter cold front conditions and catch a 5 bass limit in 2 hours. Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek streamed this on the water live on November 14th, 2018 on a Northeastern US lake. The lake has cold, relatively-clear water and some the primary forage is shad and crawfish. Watch as Iaconelli tries to figure out a bass fishing pattern under tough conditions. Note the areas that Ike targets and how often he's making location and lure changes as tries to get dialed in on the bass bite.

This was our first full-length live on the water event. Bass University Live on the water events allow paid subscribers to ask pro anglers questions about how they are fishing: why they are or aren't fishing certain lures, why they target certain areas, tackle setups, color selection and more. 

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I'd like to say thank you guys so much. Over time I have learned a lot about bass fishing from you guys. So thanks again and good fishin'.
- Kale R.