Ish Monroe is on the water the "The Dean" Pete Gluszek after the first day of the Bassmaster Eastern Open was cancelled. Ish and Pete are fishing another nearby lake in Florida. In this live video, Ish answers lots of Bass University subscriber's questions, including:

  • What customization, if any, do you make to your River2Sea Ish Monroe Phat Mat Daddy Frog?
  • What color frogs do you use in different conditions?
  • What weight is good for pitching into the grass?
  • Do bass prefer a certain type of grass?
  • Does Ish prefer painted or unpainted tungsten weights?
  • Why is a snell knot or using the River2Sea "Ish Monroe" New Jack Flippin Hook is important for a good hook-up ratio?
  • When do you use a jig over a creature-style or beaver-style bait like the Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait?
  • Do you move away from dead grass if it's been sprayed?
  • When to use a buzz frog vs a floating topwater frog?
  • What are Ish's strongest fishing techniques, other than the techniques he's best known for (flipping and frogging)?
  • What's the best tool that you have in your boat?
  • Do you think the color on the top of the frog matters?
  • Single string braid or mutli-strand braided fishing line?
  • How do you rig the Missile Baits D Bomb?
  • Does Ish use straight-shank hook, offset hook or extra wide gap hooks?

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