Nick Lebrun, a Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour angler, is a big fan of using lipless crankbaits, also known as traps or the Bill Lewis brand name Rat-L-Trap. In this class seminar with Bass University, Nick provides a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about lipless crankbaits. He shares his insights on the ideal setup for fishing traps and discusses his experiences with various rods, reels, and lines over the years. Nick emphasizes the importance of color selection, highlighting a few key colors that he relies on throughout the year. Additionally, he delves into the different retrieval techniques based on the season, offering valuable guidance on seasonal adjustments and bait selection when using lipless crankbaits. 

Whether you call them Rat-L-Traps, Lipless Crankbaits, or simply Traps, Nick Lebrun believes that they are incredibly effective in catching fish. If you're looking to build confidence in this technique, Nick's seminar with Bass University is definitely worth watching.

Nick Lebrun's Rat-L-Trap Fishing Class Chapters

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