Focusing on seasonal patterns and map study will help you catch more fish, but don’t overlook improving the basic mechanics of bass fishing. Even small things, such as rod positioning and casting technique, can make a huge difference in your hookup ratio over the course of a day. In this seminar, Nick Lebrun details his proper technique for fishing baits all across the water column. Lebrun also shares some of his personal favorite tips for fishing topwater frogs, lipless crankbaits, and jigs.

  • 2:20 Fishing Topwater More Effectively
  • 3:40 Mid-Range Moving Baits
  • 5:25 Bottom Techniques
  • 9:10 Mechanics Of Hooksets
  • 10:45 On The Water Casting
  • 13:00 Rod Range Of Motion
  • 19:10 Casting Distance
  • 21:30 Using Wind To Your Advantage
  • 23:20 Topwater Tactics
  • 27:20 Flipping And Pitching

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