Are you ready to learn how to punch grass mats? Punching provides anglers with a way to effectively fish grass mats while working as quickly – or slowly – through an area as they want. One of the keys to punching is being able to trigger a reaction strike by dropping your bait as close to a fish as possible. With that in mind, choosing the right weight, line, and bait is important for your presentation. In this seminar, Nick Lebrun shares his insight on how to punch grass mats. 

Lebrun opts to keep his gear and bait selection simple, and instead focuses most of his time on perfecting his bait’s rate of fall and how to pick apart grass mats. While a single large grass area can be overwhelming to some anglers, Lebrun explains how to find sweet spots in grass flats, and how to optimize your time fishing them. 

  • 2:10 Best Line For Punching
  • 3:40 Understanding Punching
  • 4:00 Importance Of Having The Right Punching Setup
  • 8:40 How To Select A Punching Hook
  • 9:15 How To Tie A Snell Knot
  • 11:50 Picking The Right Punching Bait
  • 15:00 What Rod and Reel To Use Punching
  • 23:15 Color Selection For Pitching
  • 25:00 How To Punch Grass Mats
  • 37:45 Tips For Penetrating Mats

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