Brandon Cobb, Lee Livesay, and Pete Gluszek share some of their favorite topwater tricks! This topwater masterclass is a combination of three different styles of topwater fishing taught by some of the best anglers on the planet. 

Cobb breaks down some of his secrets on Lake Hartwell with his buzzbait and horny toad setup to help you catch more fish.  Lee Livesay has won tons of money on a hard topwater walking bait and shares his secrets on his home lake, Lake Fork. Pete “The Dean:” Gluszek shares his frog fishing approach on the Upper Chesapeake Bay grass flats. 

If you want to learn about topwater fishing, watch this masterclass featuring three popular styles taught by expert anglers!

Topwater Masterclass Chapters

  • 0:26: Brandon Cobb on Buzzbaits/Horny Toads
  • 7:57: Lee Livesay on Walking Baits
  • 16:29: Pete Gluszek on Frogs

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