Finesse Crankbait Fishing Secrets - Gluszek

Finesse Crankbait Fishing Secrets - Gluszek


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Bass Open tournament angler Pete "The Dean" Gluszek is talks about fishing and catching fish with a finesse crankabit. You may be asking yourself, "What is a finesse crankbait?". Mr. Gluszek explains that a finesse crankbait differs from a regular crankbait in that it usually has a tighter wobble, silent or very subtle sounds/rattle chambers, is often smaller in size, and is usually weighted to be slower rising. Some examples of these lures are Rapala Shad Rap & Rapala DT Flat. Like other finesse techniques, finesse cranking can help you catch bass in clear water conditions, cold fronts and when bass are heavily pressured. Pete also talks about other times you want to fish these lures.

Now that you have an idea of when to fish these baits, it's time to think about where to throw them. This video covers the best cover to target with these finesse lures. Pete shares some of the ares he likes to target, then shares some of his favorite tips & tactics for generating bass bites and for making sure you land your fish.

Pete provides some further details on one of his favorite baits, the Rapala Shad Rap, as well as the gear he uses to fish it. Also, as a special bonus, Pete talks about about a super secret ultra small crankbait that's often overlooked by bass anglers. This small crankbait can be dynamite for catching size and/or numbers, if the conditions are right. Check out the full video for all the finesse cranking secrets.

Want to know more about finesse cranking? Check out Pete's Quiet Killer Crankbait.

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