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The Bass University's Pete Gluszek is joined by Rick Pierce from Bass Cat boats. Bass Cat is a major player in tournament bass boats and Rick is here to share his years of experience on changes to electronics mounting, optimal props, dialing in your jack plate and trim adjustments, and boat control in rough water. Also, hear a little about Bass Cat's "Project Stealth".

  • 0:17 One of Pete Gluszek's favorite people, Rick Pierce from Bass Cat Boats
  • 0:51 Bass Cat back-to-back Classic champion and Bass Cat's history with the Classic
  • 2:27 Bass boat sales are on fire, how to get a Bass Cat without waiting a year
  • 5:20 Mounting all the ever-growing electronics demanded on tournament bass fishing boats
  • 7:45 Lithium batteries on boats
  • 10:34 Bass Cat performance
  • 12:38 Getting the maximum speed and performance out of your bass boat
  • 15:03 The process of dialing in the hydrualic jack plate and trim for max performance
  • 17:36 Props on outboard engines (motors) and learning how to drive a bass boat
  • 23:01 Problems with driving through big waves
  • 27:56 What is project Stealth?

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