Finding the right combination of electronics for your boat can be a daunting task. What brand should you run? What features do you need? How much should you spend? The possibilities are endless, but so is the amount of money you can put into your rig. In this seminar, Matt Lee breaks down the various features and factors you should take into consideration when picking out a unit. Lee also explores the various types of graphs on the market, and explains how to best utilize the feature of each one. 

  • 1:50 The Need To Have Everything
  • 2:40 Understanding Electronics
  • 4:20 Setting Up Graphs
  • 6:40 How To Power Everything
  • 10:40 Lee's Setup
  • 13:25 Difference In Products
  • 18:55 Adjusting Your Settings Based On Conditions
  • 29:55 Contour Lines
  • 35:00 2D Sonar
  • 40:30 Avoiding Mega 360/LiveScope Interference
  • 42:00 Best Affordable Electronics
  • 44:50 Picking A Color Palette
  • 47:10 Breaking Down Large Lakes

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