2020 Bassmaster Classic champion Hank Cherry joins The Bass University to talk about a dynamite technique that catches a lot of big fish, swimming a jig. In this 41-minute bass fishing class seminar, Hank shares tackle, tips and tricks for fishing a swim jig throughout all 4 seasons. You'll learn what jig, trailers, rod, reel & line Hank Cherry fishes Spring, Summer, Winter & Autumn, including jig & trailer colors. Hank walks you through the areas he fishes as seasons change. Hank also shares the tecchnique he uses to fish the bait. Some guys reel them straight in, some do the Alabama shake, hear how Cherry fishes it. Lastly, Hank Cherry answers a myriad of questions from students and Bass University staff.

  • 0:28 Hank Cherry has an unconventional bait choice when fishing a swim jig
  • 1:20 Hank Cherry's gear for fishing a swim jig
  • 2:44 The technique of swimming a jig and the advantages of fishing it
  • 5:33 Where Hank Cherry swims a jig
  • 6:34 Seasonal considerations & tips for fishing a swim jig in the Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter
  • 19:55 Hank Cherry's best knot for tying a jig to fluorocarbon
  • 21:10 Is a swim jig a good bait to fish behind other boats?
  • 22:11 Chunk trailers
  • 23:44 Recap of tackle for fishing swim jigs
  • 25:15 Types of docks that Hank Cherry targets throughout the year with this bait
  • 28:18 How to fish a point or ledge with a swim jig
  • 29:16 How to fish a swim jig on shallow bream beds
  • 30:03 Doing something different usually catches fish
  • 31:06 Hank Cherry's best bladed jig secret
  • 33:18 Dealing with changing conditions
  • 34:33 Weed guard on the Picasso Hank Cherry Dock Rocket Jig
  • 35:47 The hookset
  • 37:43 Hook gauge on Hank's jig
  • 39:00 Developing confidence in swimming a jig
  • 40:33 How to win the Bassmaster Classic

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