Bassmaster Classic champion Hank Cherry loves fishing a jerkbait. His favorite season for fishing one might surprise you. Like many anglers, he certainly sees the fish-catching power of the jerkbait in the late Winter and early Spring months, but for Hank, there's a better time of year and a more action-packed way to fish a jerkbait for bass. Watch this 40-minute bass fishing class seminar video and hear Hank talk about the tackle he uses to fish a jerkbait, a brief preview of the new Berkley Stunna jerkbait that is scheduled for release Summer 2021, and Hanks top 3 ways to fish a jerkbait.

  • 0:20 Jerkbait fishing is Hank Cherry's passion
  • 0:41 Hank Cherry's jerkbait bass fishing setup
  • 5:43 Deep diving vs shallow water jerkbaits
  • 8:14 Where to fish a jerkbait
  • 17:32 Different ways to fish a jerkbait
    • 17:40 Traditional jerking tips & cadence and when to fish a jerkbait this way
    • 20:28 Twitching a jerkbait
    • 22:19 Hank Cherry's favorite way to fish a jerkbait for bass and when to do it
  • 28:20 Treble hooks for jerkbaits
  • 29:56 How high in the water column should your jerkbait run?
  • 31:17 Best color for off-color water and when is the water too dirty for a jerkbait?
  • 33:47 Cadence and retrieve for dirtier water
  • 34:56 Hank Cherry's modifications to jerkabits
  • 38:30 Best weather conditions for fishing a jerkbait
  • 39:42 Getting better at making jerkbait contact without losing baits

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