Rip Rap is often the most fished part of any body of water, and for good reason. These rocky areas provide bass with not only a good place to ambush bait, but often act as a travel point for fish in the pre- and post-spawn around bridges. In this seminar, Bassmaster Elite Series pro – and back-to-back Classic winner (2020-21) – Hank Cherry breaks down the different types of techniques he uses to attack rip rap during the different seasons.

  • 0:40 Why Do Fish Use Rip Rap?
  • 4:15 Springtime Jerk Bait Fishing
  • 6:25 Burning Sqaurebills 
  • 8:20 Late Spring/Early Summer Spinnerbaits
  • 11:00 Pick Up A Jig
  • 19:00 Dirty Water Rip Rap
  • 25:05 Wiggle Wart on Rip Rap
  • 28:00 When To Shift Away From Spinnerbait
  • 29:00 Gear Ratio

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