The Bass University invited some touring bass tournament pros to compete in the "Bass U Battle" where the are given current conditions and they decide what they would do, the answers are judged and a winner is decided.

  • 1:21 Caleb Sumrall introduces a new Missile Baits Ned rig bait, the Ned Bomb
  • 10:03 Bass U Battle with Caleb Sumrall and Greg Vinson (Scenario: Prespawn on the Tennessee River, water levels are falling)
  • 18:25 Bass U Battle Greg Vinson and Greg Dipalma (Scenario: Prespawn on the Tennessee River, water levels are rising)
  • 32:45 Bass U Battle Greg Dipalma and Chris Groh (Scenario: Postspawn natural grass lake with 10ft of visibility & milfoil)
  • 41:32 Bass U Battle Chris Groh and Hunter Freeman (Scenario: Shallow muddy water fishing wood, specific flipping bait, crankbait and spinnerbait)

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