Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Hunter Shyrock joins Bass University to teach about his favorite technique, topwater frog fishing.

Hunter has cashed many checks on the professional tour with a topwater frog. Hunter breaks down his equipment, rod, reel, and line for success with a topwater frog. Hunter dives into the areas he likes to throw a frog in, from matted vegetation to open water. There are many factors in finding that epic frog bite, the seasonal approach is key and Hunter goes through seasonal patterns and water temperature to find that frog bite. Confidence and knowing when to put the frog down are key, they can make or break you as a tournament angler. Hunter says “patience is key” and frog fishing is the most exciting technique in bass fishing! "You can see a lot of fish, a lot of heartbreak, but nonetheless, it's a good big fish bait."

Learn from Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Hunter Shyrock all about topwater frog fishing with Bass University! 

Chapters in This Hunter Shryock Frog Fishing Class

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