Pete Gluszek is the Dean of The Bass University, and in 2019, he was in Columbus, OH to teach a bass fishing class seminar titled "Fishing on the Edge", which is also the title of another angler's autobiography. In this class, Pete talks about the best times to fish edges, baits he recommends (including colors) and tips for locating good edge habitat with your electronics.

Main Topics in this Class on Fishing Edges

  • 1:18 Why are edges important in the aquatic world and to predators like bass?
  • 1:43 What are edges, and what makes up edges?
  • 2:34 What do edges offer for bass?
  • 3:45 How smallmouth and largemouth use edges differently
  • 5:54 Edge fishing in all seasons
  • 8:59 Fishing with the greatest and the importance of mental toughness
  • 12:19 Best season for fishing edges
  • 13:34 Edge fishing on the Chesapeake
  • 15:57 Grass edges & best baits for catching them off these edges
  • 20:52 Color choices for edge fishing baits
  • 21:36 Trailers
  • 24:23 Fishing crankbaits in and around grass
  • 25:01 What is strolling and crankbait?
  • 28:13 Other edge fishing baits
  • 34:56 Locating edges and irregulatities with your sonar electronics and side imaging

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