The Dean of Bass University, Pete Gluszek, is out on the water, explaining how to successfully fish during one of the trickiest times: high tide. Many anglers find tidal systems challenging or even dislike them, but these systems can be fantastic for fishing. High tide, specifically, poses difficulties in getting fish to bite. Pete draws from his extensive experience with tidal systems to teach you how to consistently catch more and bigger bass during these tough tidal conditions.

During his session, Pete shares the gear he prefers using during high tide. Additionally, he walks through his approach to high tide fishing, discussing how he handles these challenging situations and highlighting the crucial habitats to target when the tide is high.

If you're considering fishing in tidal areas, be sure to join us for an insightful on-the-water session with Pete Gluszek at The Bass University.

High Tide Bass Fishing Habitat Chapters

  • 0:14: Introduction to High Tide
  • 3:10: Setup/Approach
  • 5:10: High Tide Bass Fishing Approach
  • 24:32: High Tide Habitat

What's Covered in This High Tide Bass Fishing Class?

  • How does Pete Gluszek approach fishing during high tide?
  • What gear does Pete prefer using during high tide fishing?
  • Why do many anglers find tidal systems challenging, and how does Pete help navigate through these challenges?
  • What are the difficulties in getting fish to bite during high tide, and how does Pete address them?
  • What insights does Pete share about crucial habitats to target when the tide is high?

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