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Ever seen a smallmouth following your bait, only to have them lose interest as you slow down your lure retrieve to further entice the interested bass? Tidal river expert and avid smallmouth fisherman Pete "The Dean" Gluszek share tips, tricks and secrets to make smallmouth stop looking at your bait and following your bait and start aggressively striking your lure! Pete will share the tackle he uses to get bites from smallmouth and ensure he gets these bronzebacks into his BassCat.

  • 0:30 How is the retrieve different for smallmouth and largemouth 
  • 1:00 Using eratic retrieves for smallmouth
  • 2:00 What to do when you see a smallmouth tracking your bait
  • 3:15 Why to use a high speed reel
  • 4:15 What size rod to use 

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