In this seminar, Pete talks about some of the greatest old school bass catching lures, the conditions to fish them, and techniques to put bass in the boat. Many baits and techniques lose popularity over time, but Pete will discuss some of the, perhaps forgotten, baits and presentations that will still catch bass. Some of the lures and fishing methods discussed in this seminar are:

  • Rapala Original Floater - Pete caught his first bass on this bait, and he'll tell you other reasons this plug is so special.
  • Rapala Shad Rap - Pete shares the best seasons and lure sizes for targeting bass around various forage. Also, how Pete customizes his Shad Raps.
  • Storm Wiggle Wart - Why are people paying $30/each for the Wiggle Wart on ebay? Pete will tell you what makes the Wiggle Wart a dynamite bass catcher.
  • Bagley Balsa Diving Kill'r B Crankbait - Gluszek recommends some great places and situations where you should fish this classic crankbait.
  • Mann's Jelly Worm - Paul Elias knew these 9-12" soft plastics caught big fish when he used them to weigh in over 132lbs. in a 4-day BASS tournament
  • Hildebrandt Super Sally - What makes this bait different than a traditional spinnerbait?
  • Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon - How did you rig a spoon and where do you fish it?
  • Silver Buddy Blade Bait - Pete has some suggestions for "outfishing the other guy" using this classic bait.

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