Sometimes there's not a clear-cut answer to when to fish one lure over the other, but, as Pete Gluszek shares in this on the water video, you can't fish what you don't have. Many anglers have put their spinnerbaits away, in favor of chatterbaits (or vibrating jigs), but hat could be a mistake. Each lure excels in different circumstances and the chatterbaits is not a clear and definitive replacement for the spinnerbait. Learn what these baits have in common, and where they differ, and see what bait the post-spawn bass preferred on this day fishing grass flats.

  • 0:18 Comparing and selecting between the spinnerbait and chatterbait like the Z-Man Jack Hammer
  • 2:22 Pete discusses the current conditions
  • 3:03 When to fish a spinnerbait
  • 3:31 Spinnerbait fishing tips
  • 6:13 Be on the lookout for something different
  • 6:40 Switching to a chatterbait and the differences in how they come through the water and cover
  • 8:15 What the chatterbait and spinnerbait have in common
  • 8:46 Chatterbait characteristics
  • 11:09 Spinnerbait vs chatterbait (you can't fish what you don't have with you)
  • 14:29 Experimenting to see what the bass REALLY want
  • 19:21 In conclusion spinnerbaits vs chatterbaits

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