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Mike Iaconelli is back with The Bass University to talk about getting action out of your artificial lure. You want your lure to look alive and Ike is here to talk about how to impart that action to the lure. In this bass fishing instructional video, intended for anglers that are new to the sport of bass fishing, Mike Iaconelli talks about using the rod and reel to impart action to the bait. He talks about some tips to remember to ensure that your lure really looks like something that's alive in nature.

Imparting Lure Action Topics

  • 0:30 How to draw a strike
  • 0:50 The mindset for artificial fishing 
  • 1:30 General rule of fishing artificial baits
  • 2:20 How to make the bait look alive
  • 2:50 Casting to where fish live
  • 3:40 Rod twitches
  • 5:00 Using your reel to make the bait look alive

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