Do you understand how the rate of fall on a bait can impact the bite? While some anglers reach for heavy weights when flipping and pitching, others lean toward lighter options. Regardless of which fits your fishing style the best, understanding the role of a bait’s rate of fall is crucial in learning how to get more bites. In this seminar, Major League Fishing pro Keith Carson breaks down how the rate of the fall impacts his decision-making when picking the best flipping and drop shot setups. Carson discusses how the specific bait, weight, and line size all play factors into just how quickly your bait hits the bottom, and how that speed impacts bites. 

  • 2:25 Finding The Right Flipping Setup
  • 2:45 Controlling The Rate Of Fall For A Jig
  • 6:30 How To Pick The Right Soft Plastic To Flip
  • 7:40 How To Detect A Bite
  • 8:40 Selecting The Right Color Bait
  • 11:35 What Braided Line Should You Use?
  • 12:50 How To Set The Hook Effectively on Braided Line
  • 15:35 Understanding Winter Flipping
  • 17:25 Understanding Summer Flipping
  • 18:30 How Rate Of Fall Triggers Strikes
  • 19:50 Rate Of Fall While Drop Shotting

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