Mark Daniels Jr.'s title sponsor is Rat-L-Trap, and he loves this original Bill Lewis lure. He starts this seminar by sharing why he loves the Rat-L-Trap, including catching some of his largest bass. Quickly learn the legend of the Rat-L-Trap that originates on Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. MDJ shareswhat equipment/tackle he uses to fish these awesome lipless crankbaits, including: rods, reels, line and switching out hooks. The Rat-L-Trap is infamous for being idiot-proof, in fact, their 1980's television commercials were focused on how easy it was to catch bass with this bait. Many anglers have experienced this no-brainer success employing a steady retrieve and triggering strikes from active bass. Daniels Jr. goes further in depth and discusses 4 other retrieves that make the Rat-L-Trap far more deadly than always employing the "chunk & wind" approach.

Rat-L-Traps can be great year-around. Mark talks about what makes this lipless crankbait good in each season. Learn when and where to utilize this bait to catch bass all year long. Bass may target different forage throughout the year, and Bill Lewis makes loads of colors. Learn the three basic color patterns Mark uses to catch bass in every body of water, all year.

Many people also believe there's only one Rat-L-Trap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bill Lewis lures makes several variations: The Knock-N-Trap, the Floating Rat-L-Trap, The Stealth Trap and the Tiny Trap.

Lastly, MDJ shares some of his favorite modifications for the Rat-L-Trap. If you love fishing lipless crankbaits and you want to catch more bass, watch this seminar!

Rat-L-Trap Class Main Topics

  • Mark Daniels Jr's love for Rat-L-Traps & their history
  • Equipment setup for optimal lipless crankbait fishing
  • Going beyond basic retrieves for more strikes
  • Seasonal strategies & year-round use
  • Color choice secrets for any body of water
  • Exploring different Rat-L-Trap variations
  • Special Bonus: MDJ's personal customizations & modifications

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