A successful FLW Tour angler, and (at the time of this writing) BASS rookie-of-the-year points leader Mark Daniels Jr. (MDJ) has 48 minutes of secrets for fishing heavy cover with finesse baits. Firstly, you may ask, "Why fish heavy cover with finesse baits and light line?". MDJ will talk about what he defines as heavy cover and why fish it with small baits, line under 10lb. test and spinning tackle.  Daniels Jr. breaks down his equipment from rods, reels, line and leader to hooks, weights and baits, including his top 4 techniques for finesse fishing cover. He talks about the role electronics play when fishing in shallow heavy cover.

Basically, if you're fishing pressured or clear waters, particularly behind guys fishing the traditional jigs or crankbaits, Mark Daniels Jr. will teach you the secret tips, techniques and tactics for catching pressured cover around bass. This bass fishing video is filled with information on fishing finesse soft plastic and hard plastic baits (like Duo Realis Shad and Norman Little N) around trees, docks, laydowns and more.

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